Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Expression is more than a word"


Sometimes I know what I want to say... ..but forming words can be awfully difficult as I can only think in emotions and pictures.

If clothes are a form of expression,do you really dress by how you feel?And how do you tell what a person is feeling by simply looking at their clothing?

Floral in a season when flowers rarely grow.You would think a person could only be happy and filled with hope to do something like that.BUT!She's dressed all in blue.I thought to feel blue meant to feel sadness.
What do you think?

Does our choice of clothing really say so much about us,or is it how we carry ourselves when we wear them?

I have a challenge for you!Post a picture of yourself dressed as a specific feeling (i.e sad,happy,angry,confused..etc..)but tell no one which it is.See if anyone can guess the feeling you are trying to express.We'll call this the "expression" challenge.Unless you can think of a less obvious name.

Anyone willing to try?^-^


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Wishes and things"


Does this look familiar?
       ( esci=pesci ..."fish" in Italian.I could never find that fancy 'p')

Using a composition notebook as a canvas,I built my own journal/vision board.

Journal because it carries my thoughts,feelings,and memories.Vision board as it contains pictures and words that represent things that I wish for.

[vision board.a vision board is a collage of images,pictures and affirmations of your dreams and can also be called a dream board,treasure map,or vision map.] ( case you didn't know)

It took me a sweaty three days of last July to create,as I really wanted it to be a complete image.I literally put my blood,sweat and tears into this.I'm happy with the results:).

(Excuse the little black arrows & black and yellow edited white out.Just bits I wish not to share!)
(Yes.The backs quite plain,I know.But I had no plans to over do it,you know?^^)

Now that it's a new year and I've yet to make a new one,I really must!Do I recommend you giving it a try?Highly.Not only is it a productive way to be creative and keep track of your wishes.Some vision boards are considered works of art and people actually have their personal boards sold at art galleries and placed in museums.Wonderful,yes?

Favorite line from 'Coraline' film...


Saturday, January 1, 2011

PROLOGUE: "Hello.How are you?Nice to meet you"

I'm not to well on introductions,so forgive me(?)

I am called Bahja Imaan,or "fish" as it is much easier.I'm twenty-one years,and I think I am a happy enough person:]
Things that make me happy include...: the happiness of others,ballet,sweets,manga/anime,making the sweets,showers,and any form of art..which yes,includes fashion.
I'm optimistic about having my own fashion line one day very soon,though,I wish I could create with my mind because reality does the imagination no justice.But until that resolution is accomplished,I will carry on using my hands all the while hopefully inspiring you to do the same.

Please do sit back with a bag of gingersnaps and a mug of chai tea and enjoy my story of how I became the fashion designer you'll soon come to know.Told to you through clothes,crafts,and opinions.Thank you^-^
............................................... .. .. ..

a little sneak peek into the future for you?