Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Expression is more than a word"


Sometimes I know what I want to say... ..but forming words can be awfully difficult as I can only think in emotions and pictures.

If clothes are a form of expression,do you really dress by how you feel?And how do you tell what a person is feeling by simply looking at their clothing?

Floral in a season when flowers rarely grow.You would think a person could only be happy and filled with hope to do something like that.BUT!She's dressed all in blue.I thought to feel blue meant to feel sadness.
What do you think?

Does our choice of clothing really say so much about us,or is it how we carry ourselves when we wear them?

I have a challenge for you!Post a picture of yourself dressed as a specific feeling (i.e sad,happy,angry,confused..etc..)but tell no one which it is.See if anyone can guess the feeling you are trying to express.We'll call this the "expression" challenge.Unless you can think of a less obvious name.

Anyone willing to try?^-^



  1. wonderful; post
    its really cool and nice

  2. You could be a good journalist! Like the way you write :-] keep it up, xx

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog! Love the concept of emotions and clothes.
    Following on Bloglovin.

  4. Love that floral skirt. And love the "monster" on your blog!

  5. Yes, those are wonderful thoughts. Clothing is definitely a form of expression in my opinion, but I don't know. I guess it sort of depends on how you actually wear the colors or prints. It seems like a mystery, and now you've got me thinking! You've got a great mind my friend, and I can't wait for your next post!

    xoxo Tami at

  6. Thank you very much :))
    But if you want to get a fudge magazine you can get it online , and that's not very expensive ^^

  7. i think it is more how we carry ourselves...

  8. That's such an interesting challenge! I can nver dress how I feel because my feelings change quickly. One second my day will be great and the next I feel like the world is coming down...

  9. So well said. I think we've become too disconnected from dressing to display our emotions, especially when it comes to mourning. I hope someday we'll see a return of mourning clothes. As it is now, black has lost its meaning.