Saturday, January 1, 2011

PROLOGUE: "Hello.How are you?Nice to meet you"

I'm not to well on introductions,so forgive me(?)

I am called Bahja Imaan,or "fish" as it is much easier.I'm twenty-one years,and I think I am a happy enough person:]
Things that make me happy include...: the happiness of others,ballet,sweets,manga/anime,making the sweets,showers,and any form of art..which yes,includes fashion.
I'm optimistic about having my own fashion line one day very soon,though,I wish I could create with my mind because reality does the imagination no justice.But until that resolution is accomplished,I will carry on using my hands all the while hopefully inspiring you to do the same.

Please do sit back with a bag of gingersnaps and a mug of chai tea and enjoy my story of how I became the fashion designer you'll soon come to know.Told to you through clothes,crafts,and opinions.Thank you^-^
............................................... .. .. ..

a little sneak peek into the future for you?



  1. Welcome to the blogging world Bahj! I'm looking forward to seeing your next posts, and Happy New year! :)

    xoxo Tami at

  2. Things that make both of us happy are pretty similar, hehe :) Good luck with your new blog, and becoming a fashion designer!

  3. This is such a happy moment, witnessing you start a new blog on the first day of a new year. I wish you all the best! :) I'm looking forward to your posts! Also, thank you for the comment. Happy New Year!

    teri at

  4. I wish you good luck with your blog!
    and I´m sure that the new year will be a successful and happy one ;)

  5. i loved the introduction :) and good luck with your blog ;)
    happy 2011!!

  6. Okay, I know that this is your first blog post but I'm already a follower. Please, please don't abondon it, I want to hear more from here :D

    Lulu @ thefashionrush

  7. I will follow from the beginning! :-)
    good luck!

  8. Hiya and good luck with blogging!

  9. Wow ... you started afresh?
    Well congrats on the blog and love the layout!
    As bloggers all we do is :D

  10. Starting a blog is a good way to start the new year. I also want to be a fashion designer and I also wish I could creat my designs with my mind rather than having to sew and stuff. About you living in a box/smallish world, I sleep in a box that a piano came in. I have a reall bed but I like small spaces, so I sleep in a box.

  11. Hello:]
    wow,this is a good year already!Thank you everyone so much for the nice comments and for following.I'm happy:]
    I will post as often as possible.will also make sure to continue reading your blogs as well,promise.Thanks again:]

  12. good luck with your blog!! i love it already! :)

  13. I love how optimistic you are. With that optimism and your passion, you'll definitely be a designer and have that line you want so badly! I love the picture, did you create that zine yourself? Thank you for the comment.

  14. welcome !! HAPPY NEW YEARRR!! and thank for the commentary in my simple bloggg
    Thank so much

  15. happy new year its really cool post

  16. Happy New Year and congrats on starting your blog!! Can't wait to see what's coming!!

  17. Happy New Yearx
    Love the blog so far

  18. Wow you became a fashion designer !!
    It might have been very hard ,
    And that's what I wanted to do but I have heard that it was very difficult :o


  19. You're interesting and you should post more often. Thanks for sharing and drop by me too when you have time.


  20. Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment on my blog! I'm looking forward to reading this one and seeing you grow as a designer :)

  21. Congrats on your brand new blog! It seems like it gonna be interesting and inspiring! Can't wait to see the rest! Just keep on blogging :)