Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Hello.Hope you've all been well.

Consider this a 'filler' post.

I'm really just here to say the good old "sorry" because I haven't been to post in decades,and sorry even more as it will probably be that way for a little while longer.The nets been down,and it's only luck that I am able to talk with you today.
So while I am here I must tell you that I am making sure not to waste my time away.I love to stay busy and when I can finally come back regularly I will have so much to show and tell you all.I already do,but it's to remain a secret for the moment ^_~.

I will say that I am so motivated and inspired by the sudden things that have happened as of late.Life changes so quickly and I'm almost too excited to stay put!!And if your wondering at all how I've been feeling fashion wise lately.... ....I feel like disappearing...

into this

SARAH dolman sleeve over sized top.You can't see the whole top,but even a tiny bit is tempting.'Tis 25 US dollars and you'll want to buy a million,so I'm saving you.
I love oversized.I like to disappear in my clothing.
Goodnight (or'Morning).


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